Top 5 Best F&I Preloads for Higher PVR and Better Customer Experience

Top 5 Best F&I Preloads for Higher PVR and Better Customer Experience

F&I menus have grown exponentially over the years, some having as many as 15-20 separate products to offer. It can be confusing and overwhelming for the typical car shopper to wade through all the options to figure out which is right for them.

Preloading products to Line 1 on the buyer’s order is a simple, time-saving solution that more dealers are beginning to embrace. But the question is…which products are best for preloading and which are still best left to the more traditional presentation?

Here are the Top 5 best F&I products to preload to your inventory:

  1. Appearance Bundle – Giving every customer an easy and cost-effective way to keep their car looking amazing inside and out becomes easy with an appearance bundle included with every vehicle. It covers interior/exterior, alloys, windshield, PDR, and 24/7 for the extra cherry on top. Small band-end margin and easy to white label.
  2. Tire & Wheel – Nearly every vehicle sold has high-cost alloys and we all know the cost of tires has done nothing but go up over the last decade. Offering this as a preload is easy when customers are reminded of the high cost to repair and replace.
  3. Identity Protection – this may seem odd to include but in a world where we all have to worry about hackers getting our info from our local stores or online marketplaces, your dealership will show customers that their financial safety is important to you, too.
  4. Antimicrobial – COVID is still here and so is Delta. ‘Nuff said.
  5. PPM – Prepaid maintenance should not be something for only the most expensive vehicles in the market. Increase your service lane profits by making sure every customer has to come back to your store for their scheduled maintenance.

There are more but these are the ones that should have the easiest buy-in from your customers. All are low margin and easy to close with some training for the sales staff. As Line 1 adds, fitting any or all of these into financing should be easy.

Click here to learn how TruWarranty can set up all of these preloaded products and more today. We are here to help you help your bottom line and make your customers’ ownership experience the best it can be.