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Your F&I

Designed for compliance from the ground up.

All the F&I products your dealerships want, no useless fluff.

TruWarranty offers all the warranty & service contract products your dealerships want. Stop paying extra for excess training (and trips), and start using modern F&I programs designed for digital retailing.

Exclusionary and stated coverages that are the best in the industry. Eligibility up to 200,000 miles and 20 model years.

Face it: GAP is a commodity. We make it easy to swap out your current, more expensive offering—and still get the best possible administration.

Pick your Powertrain: want Lifetime? Certified Pre-Owned (CPO)? Short terms? Dealer Obligor or Admin Obligor? A- rated clip? No problem.

Our very own industry-leading Appearance Protection coverage that’s not married to a costly application process. Preload at the click of a button.

Appearance Protection bundled with TruKey replacement, 24/7 roadside assistance, paintless dent repair, windshield repair, and alloy wheel coverage.

The traditional bundle with full tire & wheel coverage, plus key replacement, paintless dent repair, windshield repair, and roadside assistance.

Upsell to TruWrap to gain exclusionary coverage out to 150,000 miles for all major brands with the industry’s first Disappearing Admin Fee.

High mileage coverage with best-in-class eligibility: up to 20 years and 200,000 miles. Perfect for rounding out the coverage of TruVSC.

The best F&I Menu at no price. Never pay for a menu again. Sign your dealership up for any TruWarranty product and get TruMenu at no extra cost.

TruCompliance is an easy-to-use Learning Management System that ensures all dealership employees are meeting Federal Compliance Regulations.

Make your dealerships stand out with our turnkey certified pre-owned program, which is private labeled and customized for your vehicle mix.

Paintless Dent Repair like you’ve never seen it, with YDE’s innovative claims adjudication interface that makes customers happy and keeps loss ratios in check.

Owning your private-labeled maintenance program gives you a competitive edge over dealers offering manufacturer maintenance. Completely customizable, with instant redemptions via virtual credit cards.

TruTire & Wheel coverage gives your customers peace of mind about being a terrible driver. Just kidding (sorta). All the T&W coverage you’d expect, with options to cover chrome and cosmetic.

Identity theft recovery and monitoring at its best, for the entire family. TruIdentity is a valuable service for your customers that helps your dealerships meet the mitigation component of the FTC’s Red Flags Rule.

TruEtch is the new and improved standard of anti-theft protection: everything is digital, simple to install, and low-cost. The time has come for dealers to self-service their etch program. It couldn’t be easier.

The perfect preload that provides excellent consumer value at an excellent dealer cost. Preload at the click of a button.

Instantly gain access to lenders in your state who specialize in indirect auto financing.

We make your dealerships look and feel like a TPA.

Get busy building your own brand, or get busy being lost in the shuffle with other dealers.

Sticking with the boring old TPAs out there means you always play by their old rules.

Key Features

  • Dashboards for both agents and dealers.
  • Online reinsurance reporting.
  • Robust contract administration.

TruWarranty and ExoGloss are not agencies reselling someone else’s stuff. We are a true third party administrator. We assemble the insurance clip, the claims adjudication, the contract administration, the reinsurance, and the technology into one turnkey solution. Working with TruWarranty means you’re going straight to the well.

Deploy Remotely

Switching to TruWarranty products is easy to do remotely.

Everything we do is digital—all our contracts, brochures, agreements, forms, and instruction guides are easy to access online.

Deploying our programs is disruption-free when all you have to do is swap out electronic forms.

Do you want to know how your dealership stacks up?

Get immediate feedback on the performance of your existing warranties and F&I Managers.

Click here to learn more about TruReports.

How can your dealership achieve the same increase of $697 Per Vehicle Revenue (PVR)?

There is no faster way for your dealerships to dramatically raise profit margins. Our advanced reporting platform makes it easy to see just how much of a difference it makes to switch to TruWarranty—and in real time.

  • Replace your old VSC.

    Step 1

    PVR boost: $300
  • Replace your old GAP.

    Step 2

    PVR boost: $100
  • Replace your old Powertrain Warranty.

    Step 3

    PVR boost: $100
  • Replace old lender agreements.

    Step 4

    PVR boost: $197

TruWarranty products are compatible with all major menu systems.

Monitor all your dealers’ production with ease. Start getting proactive and intentional with your clients.

We know how to play nice.

Why TruWarranty?

  • Retention

    Our Private-labeled Products are designed to keep customers coming back             —to YOUR dealership

  • TruClaims

    <span>Powered by YDE</span>Service departments can use our innovative TruClaims adjudication web platform (powered by YDE) to save time filing claims.
  • A-Rated

    All products available as non-reinsured or reinsured, and are backed by an A- rated insurance company.
  • Price

    Stay Competitive—all TruWarranty products are priced like the largest ancillary provider in the industry.
  • Private-Labeled Marketing

    Private-labeling our brochures to your dealerships and prospects has never been easier—do it online in seconds.
  • No Exclusivity Needed

    You never have to fire anyone to hire TruWarranty.  No exclusivity needed—and you can sign up right on this website.


Our Private-labeled Products are designed to keep customers coming back--to YOUR dealership.


Service departments can use our innovative TruClaims adjudication web platform to save time filing claims.


All products available as non-reinsured or reinsured, and are backed by an A- rated insurance company.


All TruWarranty products are designed from the ground up to keep your dealership compliant.

Reinsurance, Made Easy

We understand profit participation better than anyone. Our turn-key reinsurance program keeps things simple for you.


Match your reports up to your reinsurance accounts online–to the penny.

Got questions? We’d love to talk.