PDR – Your Next Powerful Preloaded Product? Why Not?

PDR – Your Next Powerful Preloaded Product? Why Not?

We have written a lot about the advantages of preloading F&I ancillaries and yes, the benefits are pretty solid from both a profit standpoint and customer retention.

But are there other products your F&I offer could offer beyond the appearance products that may make sense to offer as a line 1 preload? 

We think so.

Here’s one that not many dealerships may have thought of (and we understand as it’s not exactly the most sexy product to offer on every car…) –


Paintless Dent Removal or PDR is one of those big menu products that dealers either embrace right away and offer to everyone or they dismiss it as something they assume no customer would ever want to buy so why try?

Here are a couple of reasons why this may be something to offer on every car and how it can help in customer retention –

  • Easy to Sell – Sales can position this right from the start as a critical cosmetic protection right from the beginning of the sales process. Telling every customer that all the cars they are looking at have PDR ‘built in’ shows them that the condition of their vehicle long-term matters to you.
  • Better Return Trades – If you have PDR on every car, the customer is more likely to make sure dent claims are handled quickly and if they come back for a new car, their trade will have a higher likelihood of being ‘front-line’ ready for the used car lot. Your store can reinforce this by letting them know a car that is free of dents and dings gets a higher trade-in value.
  • Good Price = Better CSI – Offering PDR as a preload at a reasonable price gives the customer a better incentive to grade your store higher in CSI surveys. They see an inexpensive but valuable protection that helps them with better trade values that perhaps no other store in your market offers. Win-win.

Click here to see how TruWarranty can help set up PDR as a preload on your entire inventory. We are here to help your store stand-out from the rest and a simple product like PDR can make a big difference to your return customers.