Your PPM Secret Weapon…the Service Advisors.

Your PPM Secret Weapon…the Service Advisors.

When dealership departments work together, it benefits everyone. Service and parts already have an interdependent relationship. Sales and F&I as well. Each supports the sales efforts of the other and to the customer, it’s always a CSI-booster when they see everyone playing well in the sandbox, so to speak.

When selling certain F&I products, it always helps to have back-up from other departments that can attest to the value to the buyer.

Take prepaid maintenance (PPM)…imagine how much easier it would be if F&I were able to take the buyers through a very quick tour of the service lanes. How much influence would it have to let them hear from a service advisor how costly routine maintenance can be when paid for as they go?

Most F&I managers only think of this step with VSC’s when highlighting how much a mechanical breakdown costs but there are likely lost opportunities with PPM as well. 

Ask the service advisors if they are willing to provide a quick synopsis of the costs of oil changes, etc. as you to the walkthrough. After all, it’s a big advantage to them, too.

Your customer not only gets the chance to do the meet & greet with someone they may work with in the future but they also benefit from the credibility the service advisor has when talking about the importance of keeping up with scheduled maintenance. They can talk about how OEM’s value PPM when it comes to warranty coverage and other similar issues.

It won’t look like a cheap scare tactic either. It’s simply good information that every customer needs from the one professional in the dealership that knows all about what OEM’s expect when taking care of the car’s maintenance. 

Don’t let this opportunity go by. Dealerships that see the benefit of departments creating this level of synergy often report higher product penetration and stronger CSI. 

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