Work From Home Buyers Need Aftermarket Special Protection…Here’s How You Offer It

Work From Home Buyers Need Aftermarket Special Protection…Here’s How You Offer It

The last 18 months have proven to be crazier than anyone in the industry ever thought it could be. Outside of the supply chain issues that continue to plague car dealers (new and used), the pandemic and its continuation has uncovered new strategies that are starting to pay off with new F&I solutions and strategies to sell them.

Dealers are seeing steady average PVR, lifted in large part BECAUSE of the pandemic and the new normal of work-from-home. Who would have thought having buyers staying home more would be the perfect situation for more F&I products being sold. Who knew?

How is this happening? Dealers report that buyers who work from home, particularly ones that live in apartment buildings with garage parking or large lots, are increasingly worried about their cars ‘sitting’ most of the time. Thieves could target them under the belief that the owners are traveling or otherwise not watching the car. Sounds crazy but it makes sense.

These scenarios are ripe for theft ancillaries like tire & wheel, GAP, LoJack, and etch (if your store offers it). Offering a ‘protection package’ could also be valuable to your buyers in city environments where the chance of theft may be greater than having their car parked in a garage at a single family dwelling.

Consider this when conducting your interview…if the buyer has a ‘unit number’ as part of their address on the paperwork, ask if they live in a large complex and if so, will the car be in a protected lot or gated garage? If asked with context, it should not seem like an intrusive question at all. Your job is to match their lifestyle to the products that keep their new car safe for the long haul.

Click here to learn more about how TruWarranty can help you build a premium protection package for your buyers that match this criteria (or…well anyone really). We have the know-how to help your dealership give your city buyers the peace of mind they need while helping your F&I team increase their penetration on ancillary products.