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It's your good name.
Protect it.
TruIdentity provides a strong suite of protective services for dealership customers—at a remarkably low cost.

Identity Theft Recovery & Monitoring

TruIdentity includes fully-managed identity restoration and Internet identity monitoring, designed for dealership customers and their families.


  • Internet Monitoring
  • Identity Restored to Pre-theft Status
  • Family Coverage
  • No Deductible
  • No Significant Exclusions
  • Unlimited Restorations
  • 12 Months of Post-recovery Monitoring
  • Stay-fixed Guarantee
  • $1 Million Dollar Insurance Policy
  • Money-back Guarantee

Internet Monitoring

24/7 monitoring service scans for fraudulent use of Members’ (and their family members’) sensitive nonpublic personal information.

Automatic email notifications are sent if any suspected fraudulent activity is detected, plus monthly status reports.


Three-Year Stay-Fixed Guarantee

If a victim’s identitiy is stolen again within three years of a restoration, another is provided for free even if the victim’s paid subscription has expired.

Money-Back Guarantee

Purchase price cheerfully refunded if a victim’s identity is not successfully restored.

Fully-Managed Identity Restoration

In the event of an identity theft, Fraud Resolution Specialists restore the victim’s identity to its pre-event status.

Using a Limited Power of Attorney, professionals do the heavy lifting, not the victim, and you’re backed by our 1 million dollar insurance policy.

Family Coverage

TruIdentity covers the entire family, including:


  • the Member
  • spouse/domestic partner
  • children up to age 25 who share the same permanent address as the covered Member
  • all IRS dependents living with the covered Member, or who live in a nursing home, an assisted living facility, hospice, or have been deceased 12 months or less.

Perfect to Preload

Designed from the ground up for preloading with access to our PCMI Dashboard for easy tracking of your preload program performance online.

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