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What’s covered?

It’s our belief that this should be simple.


Cover the things that make your car go and are typically the costliest to repair. Examples include your engine and transmission.


Stated-term coverage which protects the majority of your vehicle.


Exclusionary coverage that provides the best protection available. So many components are covered that it’s easier to list the few that are not.

Extra benefits

These are the things that set our extended warranty apart.


  • Choose your repair shop. If you need help, we can find one!
  • 24/7 roadside assistance is provided so that you’re never stuck.
  • 0% Financing, Everyone is Approved!
  • You get to choose the deductible that aligns with your budget best.
  • We’ll take care of a rental car if your car gets held up in the shop.
  • Transparent pricing means you complete the entire purchase online—no hard sales phone calls.

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0% Financing, Everyone is Approved!

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Most dealers only offer warranties at the time they sell a vehicle—but we’re different.

We appreciate you being our customer, and want you to have peace of mind the entire time you own your vehicle. That’s why we offer transparent pricing up-front—we will never badger you with hard-sales tactics by phone or email.

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