After the sale
vehicle service contracts.

EVERY missed opportunity qualifies for monthly payments with 0% interest.

3 simple steps to recapture missed opportunities.

No call centers and no hard sales tactics.

Getting started is easy

TruFollowUp is a turnkey solution for your dealership. No charge to get started, and no monthly costs—ever. We only get paid when your missed opportunities buy, and we are 100% compatible with your existing F&I Office.

The path is easy.

Step 1

Sign your dealership up online at no cost. We brand your new landing page and email campaign to your dealership.

Step 2

We guide you through mining your DMS for the email addresses of all missed opportunities, and send them a thoughtful series of 6 emails linking to your new TruFollowUp website.

All bases are covered.

What’s covered?

Coverage options are simple and easy to understand. Customers are offered 3 coverage levels to choose from based on their needs and their budget.

Customers choose from 3 levels of coverage:


Cover the things that make a car go and are typically the costliest to repair, like the engine and transmission.


Stated-term coverage which protects the majority of the vehicle.


Exclusionary coverage that provides the best protection available.

Available Anytime

100% online, with 100% transparent pricing.

Most service contracts are only offered at the time a vehicle is purchased. With TruFollowup, you can offer VSCs anytime, even after the sale.

Customers shop for coverage on your very own dealer branded web page, and choose the coverage and payment options that are best for them in 4 easy steps—all online, with no phone calls and no hard sales tactics.

Ready to start offering TruFollowUp?

You control the entire process.


It’s your decision who receives our thoughtful dealer-branded email campaigns. We understand the importance of your dealership’s reputation, and never use call centers or hard-sales tactics.

TruFollowUp offers 0% interest, month-to-month, contracts after the sale of a vehicle. No other company provides transparent pricing up-front—we will never call or email you with hard sales tactics.

Extra Profit

Every TruFollowUp sale includes an onsite inspection by our network of trained professionals. This keeps cancellations low and potential underwriting profits high.

Sign up online today and get started next week.

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We promise not to spam and we promise never to hard sell. All our advice and recommendations are completely neutral.