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Are you still
paying a monthly fee
for your warranty menu?

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3 Steps To More F&I Income

Step 1: Sign up for TruFinance and instantly gain access to lenders in your state who specialize in indirect auto financing.

Step 2: Implement TruMenu at no cost to provide a seamless selling interface for all your *existing* warranty providers.

Step 3: Add in at least one TruWarranty product (VSC/GAP/Bundle/Etc) to maximize your F&I revenue.


Step 1: TruFinance

Flexible rates and terms, all preloaded inside TruMenu.

  • Rates as low as 2.99%
  • Up to 5% dealer profit paid
  • Up to 125% LTV of NADA RETAIL + VSC and Gap
  • Max mileages of 150k and model years vary on credit
  • Aggressive backend allowances
  • Additional ancillary products allowed
  • 640 and better credit scores financed
  • Integrated with Route One and Dealer Track

Step 2: TruMenu

  • Fully functional F&I menu at no cost to anyone.  No monthly fees.  No strings attached.
  • Display all your *existing* warranty providers inside TruMenu.  Yes, Kumbaya is real.
  • Easy-to-use selling interface means your dealerships sell more.

Step 3: TruWarranty

  • Supplement your existing VSC/warranty providers with the full suite of products from TruWarranty
  • No minimum volume requirements—keep any existing provider you wish
  • Aggressive pricing ensures your dealerships maximize revenue


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READY to see TruMenu in action?

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Exclusionary and stated coverages that are the best in the industry. Eligibility up to 200,000 miles and 20 model years.

Face it: GAP is a commodity. We make it easy to swap out your current, more expensive offering—and still get the best possible administration.

The traditional bundle with full tire & wheel coverage, plus key replacement, paintless dent repair, windshield repair, and roadside assistance.

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