Management System
An easy-to-use learning management system.

Automotive Compliance Training

An easy-to-use Learning Management System that ensures all dealership employees are meeting Federal Compliance Regulations.

Compliance is complicated

It’s never been more complicated to operate a dealership. The laws and regulations that your dealership has to keep in mind are so numerous that it can be difficult to stay in compliance with them all. You know that it’s critical for your employees to be educated about these compliance issues, and it’s just as important to have documented acknowledgment that all your employees have received this information–and understand it fully.

Why is it cRITICal?

Because it’s the law–and because the penalties for
non-compliance are an expensive distraction to your core business.

As the CFPB’s power has weakened–and their focus on the auto industry has waned–the FTC and state attorney generals have stepped forward and committed to carrying out the CFPB’s original mission of holding rogue dealerships accountable for poor practices. This means that dealers like you need to be more diligent–not less–when it comes to compliance.

Online compliance training

Our Compliance Management System includes a customized legal compliance training program that educates dealership employees and installs verifiable processes, helping protect dealerships from class certification and punitive damages.

TruCompliance Training

topics addressed by our Comprehensive
Compliance Program include:

Accounting Compliance Checklist
Adverse Action Notices
Cash Reporting
Conditional Delivery
Credit Applications
Customer Signature
Equal Credit Opportunity Act
F&I Menus
F&I Products and Services
Fair Credit Reporting ACt
FTC Disposal Rule
FTC Privacy Rule
FTC Safeguards Rule

FTC Telemarketing Rule
Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act
Menu Vocabulary
Negative Equity
Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC)
Preventing In-Dealership Theft
Quoting Payments
Red Flags Rule
Regulation M
Regulation Z
Vehicle Service Contracts

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