becomes TruWarranty

SideCars is rebranding across the board to TruWarranty.

Key Features

The new TruWarranty brand is more than just looks—it encompasses several key features that you’re going to love:


  • Dashboards for both agents and dealers.
  • Online reinsurance reporting.
  • Robust contract administration.
  • TruIdentity Theft Recovery and Monitoring is now available as an ideal preloaded product, with disruptive pricing.
  • TruCompliance Management System (CMS) gives your dealerships the best online classroom possible for personnel.
  • SideCars hasn’t sold out to private equity—so your admin fees stay the same.

Your new Dashboard is already active inside your PCMI portal—upon logging in, you can find it in the left-hand menu.


Agent Resources contains easy-to-access agreements, rates, forms, instruction guides, brochures, and everything else you need. Check our overview video to see examples.

Click here to quickly sign up as an agent online and get your password.

Don’t be initially fooled by the clean interface—there is a ton of information to be found in the folders.


Below you will find a brief overview of our products. You can find all the details (and instructions on accessing your dashboard) in our new Agent Resources portal here.

Identity theft recovery and monitoring at its best, for the entire family. TruIdentity is a valuable service for your customers that helps your dealerships meet the mitigation component of the FTC’s Red Flags Rule.

TruKey is available with patented, police-endorsed ‘smart’ keychains that are elegantly branded to your dealerships—and provide the best possible solution for recovering lost keys.

TruEtch is the new and improved standard of anti-theft protection: everything is digital, simple to install, and low-cost. The time has come for dealers to self-service their etch program. It couldn’t be easier.

Owning your private-labeled maintenance program gives you a competitive edge over dealers offering manufacturer maintenance. Completely customizable, with instant redemptions via virtual credit cards.

12 months of external appearance protection that doesn’t use a chemical—perfect for matching up with your dealerships’ existing paint/fab program to create upsell opportunities. Preload at the click of a button.

Paintless Dent Repair like you’ve never seen it, with YDE’s innovative claims adjudication interface that makes customers happy and keeps loss ratios in check.

Automotive Compliance Training:  an easy-to-use Learning Management System that ensures all dealership employees are meeting Federal Compliance Regulations.

Everyone offers powertrain and limited warranties. What makes TruPowertrain different are the a la carte options available. Want an A-rated clip? Claims adjudication? Roadside assistance? Reinsurance? No problem.

Exclusionary and stated coverages that are the best in the industry. No separate ceding fees. No loss adjustment expenses. Easy to reinsure.

High mileage coverage with best-in-class eligibility: up to 20 years and 200,000 miles. Perfect for rounding out the coverage of TruVSC.

Make your dealerships stand out with our turnkey certified pre-owned program, which is private labeled and customized for your vehicle mix.

Walkaway GAP at competitive prices, with the coverage you’d expect. First dollar coverage to ensure your reinsurance position never takes a hit.

Five products bundled together to make life easy: tire & wheel, key replacement, paintless dent repair, windshield repair, and roadside assistance.

TruTire & Wheel coverage gives your customers peace of mind about being a terrible driver. Just kidding (sorta). All the T&W coverage you’d expect, with options to cover chrome and cosmetic.

ReinsuranceAnywhere means that underwriting profit participation can happen either at your agency or at your dealerships.

Got questions? We’d love to talk.