PDR – Small But Valuable Product

PDR – Small But Valuable Product

Most F&I managers have a deep menu of products they offer, most having no tangible component. It’s all about protection from something that has not happened yet. An extended warranty IN CASE the master cylinder fails. GAP protection IN CASE your car is totaled and you owe more than the check you get from insurance.

Maybe you need it, maybe you don’t. But it’s there nonetheless.

There is one protection that is almost sure to be used during the life of the car and most of us think little about it until we either have to trade in the car or turn in our lease.

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) is often overlooked when F&I managers are pitching their menu of products. The more sexy or higher-margin products like VSC or GAP get all the love but appearance coverage for PDR actually makes a lot of sense.

Everyone Gets It…Don’t They? 

PDR is a low-cost protection that really should be a Line 1 preload when you think about it. If you offer it on the addendum sticker with other appearance protections as a bundle, every customer knows they will have this valuable protection.

If your store includes this in a branded ‘protection bundle’, the local shoppers will understand that the dealership takes their investment seriously enough that even small dents and dings can be repaired right away. Make sure the marketing folks push the message that PDR has high value for low cost. And make it affordable if included…no one should pay too much for PDR.

Standard for Leases…

PDR is an easy add for every lease. Yes, it’s always tougher to sell products on a lease but like any other appearance product, PDR can help save the customer hundreds in reconditioning costs when they turn it in. Anyone who has ever had to go through that process knows the drill…door dents and dings are an unwelcome expense.

Offer PDR to EVERY lease customer, fully explaining how expensive it can be to have that tacked onto end-of-term expenses. Price it well and most customers may choose to pay for it out of pocket particularly if it’s a no-deductible coverage that covers the entire lease term. No brainer.

Don’t sleep on this low-margin coverage. Every car gets dings and dents along the way and this can be an easy add-on to any appearance protection. Click here to check out our TruPDR protection and see how easy it is to add profit for your store and value for your buyer.