Is It Time to Offer Window Etch As a Preload? Why Not?

Is It Time to Offer Window Etch As a Preload? Why Not?

One of the F&I products that just doesn’t seem to get much love these days is window etch. F&I managers have a tough time selling this on the menu and some dealers have stopped offering it altogether saying that customers just don’t see the value from a vehicle recovery perspective.

But what if there was a way to bake it into every sale? Now the ‘hard sell’ just got a bit easier…

Remember, anything preloaded to the cost of the car is on Line 1 of the buyer’s order and should be properly disclosed on an addendum sticker. No reason to hide it and actually, this may be the best time to consider selling it again with a softer approach.

If your F&I provider offers etch at a low cost, the margins make it easy to preload. Let customers know that it comes with each vehicle and more importantly, let them know WHY your store sees so much value in this.

Be ready for the objections (of course) but consider that many car shoppers have had a fair amount of financial uncertainty over the last year and if this simple and cost-effective measure against theft can help ease their minds even a little, it’s worth trying to make it stick on every unit.

Even beyond the obvious marketing message you could craft around this add-on, etch helps start the conversation about a much more lucrative product….GAP insurance. Here’s where the heavy profits come in for our store and these two combined can make a powerful value add to a customer who is fearful of how much a theft could really cost them.

If customers push back saying etch doesn’t mean anything or won’t have any value, direct them to their insurance provider. Carriers like Allstate do offer a discount on the deductible for etch. They see the use of it as a deterrent and as something that will lessen the chances the car is chopped and sold off illegally.

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