If You Have Not Adapted to Remote Product Offerings, You Can Now

If You Have Not Adapted to Remote Product Offerings, You Can Now

Since COVID-19 hit the US early last year, there has been a wave of new innovations in how we all do business, how we buy the things we need, and how we get services. It’s fair to say that almost everything has changed in one way or the other. 


For car dealers, this has meant a more aggressive shift to digital retailing and deliveries. Car shoppers, especially early on in the pandemic, were justifiably worried about walking in and out of showrooms to find a deal on their next car. Sales plummeted initially and were slow to recover throughout 2020 but those dealers that offered online shopping, virtual test drives, and digital F&I sales and paperwork execution have weathered the storm.


Importance of Digital Deployment


That may sound like a scary concept but it’s not. Being able to digitally add F&I products is critical now to the way dealerships have had to adjust to online retailing. Being able to deploy products like GAP and VSCs online makes the sales process easier for the F&I manager AND the customer. Signatures can be handled through a DocuSign-type of service and all of the ‘paperwork’ can be downloaded for the customer to keep on their device.


Is This Forever? Maybe.


As car shoppers slowly find their way back to the lot, your store has to be resigned to the new reality that there may be shoppers who find that they like the online buying process so much that they don’t come back. 


That’s ok, though. As long as the units move and the sales process adapts, the industry will be ok. 


Make sure you are working with an administrator that understands the importance of offering a full menu of products that can be deployed online. If they don’t have that capability…well, it’s time to consider another provider. 


This is a trend not likely to change and it’s important for dealerships to have that capability with a provider that makes it easy.


Click here to see how we at TruWarranty can fulfill that need with remote deployment of protections and products to help your customers get all the coverage they need without the hassle of old-school paperwork. We knew change was coming before everyone else did.