Give Your Customers More Finance Options, Good for Them, Great for You

Give Your Customers More Finance Options, Good for Them, Great for You

Today’s car shoppers have more finance options available to them than ever before. Not only the local bank or credit union but now a host of online-only finance companies are throwing their hats into the ring to compete with OE captives. F&I departments have to be nimble and pivot to solutions that help preserve their ability to compete.

Being able to look beyond the F&I solutions that are baked in at the dealership means casting a wider net in the region where you do business. The more options you can offer your customer, the better.

TruFinance, powered by TruWarranty, helps make casting that wider net easier by connecting your store to more indirect financing sources for your customers. For FICO’s 640 and above, you will have a host of indirect finance companies ready to help.

All within one F&I menu, you get:

  • Up to 5% dealer profit aid and rates as low as 2.99%
  • Up to 125% LTV of NADA retail plus room for VSC and GAP (bonus!)
  • Aggressive allowances for ancillary products (double bonus!)
  • And immediate integration with Route One and DealerTrak

Today’s dealership challenges are many…between the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, rising wholesale values for used autos, and the chip shortage making it near impossible to fill lots…it’s a lot. But having more finance options in-house brings a little bit of control back into F&I by being able to better compete with banks/credit unions/online banks. And that can be a bright spot for you and your customer. 

Click here to learn more about how TruFinance can be launched at your store and how we can flip the switch to pair up TruVSC and TruMenu for a seamless profit powerhouse for F&I.