F&I Training & TruReports…a Powerful Combo for Success

F&I Training & TruReports…a Powerful Combo for Success

Training in the F&I department is an ever-evolving process of making sure your staff can sell effectively and maintain the highest compliance standards set by your store. There is a lot every manager must know but it always helps when you have some extra analytics to use in combinations with your existing training program.

TruReports is a unique tool that your in-house F&I trainers can use to not only reinforce the best practices to help make them as successful as possible, but it can reinforce these goals through tangible reporting. Stats they can ‘see’ can make all the difference.

Here’s how to leverage the data we provide –

  • Taking a look at each manager’s stats for the month…PVR, chargebacks, etc
  • Assess personnel decisions better and faster by knowing who is performing and who isn’t.
  • Use the data to triage managers who are struggling. If you catch it early, managers can be trained up to avoid the issue the analytics are shining a light on.
  • Make changes in the menu based on the products that are selling or not.
  • If certain products are not selling enough, use that information to target training to help raise those penetration percentages.

Ultimately, data provided by TruReports will give you a clearer window into what’s working well for your profitability and who’s working hard on every deal for you.

Use the insights provided as positive training data and always frame it as information that exists to make every F&I manager the best they can be for themselves, the customer, and the dealership.

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