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Key Features

F&I products designed from the ground up for preloading.


  • Completely compatible with your existing upsell products in your F&I office.
  • Customized addendum stickers included for free—no need to pay a monthly subscription fee.
  • TruReports and our PCMI Dashboard make it easy to track your preload program performance online.
  • Want to reinsure?  We make it easy, whether it’s to your current reinsurance program–or to a new one.
  • Everything is online & electronic—and compatible with every DMS and menu.
  • Direct-to-dealer pricing means fewer hands in the cookie jar.
  • All products are designed for compliance from the ground up.
  • Sign up online right here—this isn’t rocket science.


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Identity theft recovery and monitoring at its best, for the entire family. TruIdentity is a valuable service for your customers that helps your dealerships meet the mitigation component of the FTC’s Red Flags Rule.


  dealer cost

TruKey is available with patented, police-endorsed ‘smart’ keychains that are elegantly branded to your dealerships—and provide the best possible solution for recovering lost keys.


  dealer cost

TruEtch is the new and improved standard of anti-theft protection: everything is digital, simple to install, and low-cost. The time has come for dealers to self-service their etch program. It couldn’t be easier.


  dealer cost

Owning your private-labeled maintenance program gives you a competitive edge over dealers offering manufacturer maintenance. Completely customizable, with instant redemptions via virtual credit cards.


  dealer cost

Everyone offers powertrain and limited warranties. What makes TruPowertrain different are the a la carte options available. Want an A-rated clip? Claims adjudication? Roadside assistance? Reinsurance? No problem.


  dealer cost

Paintless Dent Repair like you’ve never seen it, with YDE’s innovative claims adjudication interface that makes customers happy and keeps loss ratios in check.


  dealer cost

Automotive Compliance Training:  an easy-to-use Learning Management System that ensures all dealership employees are meeting Federal Compliance Regulations.


  dealer cost

12 months of external appearance protection that doesn’t use a chemical—perfect for matching up with your dealerships’ existing paint/fab program to create upsell opportunities. Preload at the click of a button.


  dealer cost



At this point, you’ve heard about AutoNation private-labeling their F&I products, starting back in 2015.  Have you paid attention to the result? Their F&I PVR is now $1789, the highest in the industry.

Mike Jackson, past CEO of AutoNation, attributes this success to the fact that customers want the name on their new warranty to match the name of the dealership they’re buying from. It makes the selling process easier for F&I Managers, so everyone is happy.

Now, your dealerships have the exact same ability to private label their warranties,  with minimal sales volume.  Private-labeling your products is absolutely the best way to build loyalty & improve customer retention, and now you don’t have to be the size of AutoNation to capitalize on this.


F&I menus were developed years ago as a way for dealers to assimilate multiple warranty products from multiple administrators into one, easy-to-understand interface. Now your dealerships can take the same approach with claims adjudication using the Your Dealer Experience web platform.

All TruWarranty products include Your Dealer Experience baked in.

TruCompliance, powered by Mosaic, assists dealerships in meeting their regulatory obligations by installing policies and procedures, training employees, tracking progress, auditing compliance, and providing live guidance as needed.

Provided free for any dealer who preloads a TruWarranty product.

TruWarranty is compatible with all major menu systems.

All our products are e-rated and e-contracted within the online PCMI platform.

We know how to play nice.

Why TruWarranty?


Our Private-labeled Products are designed to keep customers coming back–to YOUR dealership.


All TruWarranty products are designed from the ground up to keep your dealership compliant.


Service departments can use our innovative TruClaims adjudication web platform (powered by YDE) to save time filing claims.

Reinsurance, Made Easy

We understand profit participation better than anyone. Our turn-key reinsurance program keeps things simple for you.


All products available as non-reinsured or reinsured, and are backed by an A- rated insurance company.

Keep Your VSCs

Happy with your current VSC provider? No problem—keep them in place, and use us for the rest.


We’ve got answers.


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