CPO Isn’t Just for OEMs

CPO Isn’t Just for OEMs

For a few decades now, Certified Pre Owned cars have been the gold standard in used auto buying. OEMs offer 125 point inspections, added powertrain warranty, roadside assistance…all designed to give the buyer added peace of mind that they are getting a ‘better’ used car than the boring backline units. Many times it just SOUNDS cooler to your friends to say you’re buying a CPO.

But why should OEMs have all the fun? Every dealership should be able to get into the CPO game regardless of the brands sold.

Here’s a few reasons why your store should consider an in-house CPO program…

  • No CPO Available – Your franchise simply may not offer the option to begin with, even from the OEM. Why not build it out from scratch? With no corporate regulations or rules, you have the unique opportunity to offer coverages and benefits that your buyers will love. Nothing is stopping you.
  • Offer a Level Better By building out your own CPO program benefits, you have the chance to offer longer coverages, a more robust inspection, and preloaded ancillary products that standard OEMs aren’t offering. How many CPO’s offer key replacement or windshield protection? None that we know of.
  • Air of Exclusivity – With the current market conditions pushing down prices, more buyers will be considering used autos. Capitalize on that by marketing your CPO vehicles the same way the OEMs do it, stressing a better car, better price, and better protections for their purchase.

Buyers WANT a highline certified buying experience even if the car they are buying is a Ford or Dodge. Your angle? ‘Your Hometown Certified Pre-Owned Cars…Luxury Benefits without the Luxury Price’ or something like that. You get the picture.

  • Easy Path to Higher GrossNow this one should be obvious. We all know that CPO margins are healthy in most markets and the OEMs know people will pay more for a certified unit simply because of the warranty extension. That’s why there is such a push for more CPO programs amongst all brands.

Why not capture all that profit for yourself? If you build out a CPO program at your store and market it well, much higher profits will follow.

Don’t know how? We can help with an easy turnkey CPO program just for you. Call or click https://www.truwarranty.co/trucpo/ today.