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Key Features

The new TruWarranty brand is more than just looks—it encompasses several key features that you’re going to love:


  • Dashboards for both agents and dealers.
  • Online reinsurance reporting.
  • Robust contract administration.
  • TruIdentity Theft Recovery and Monitoring is now available as an ideal preloaded product, with disruptive pricing.
  • TruCompliance Management System (CMS) gives your dealerships the best online classroom possible for personnel.
  • SideCars hasn’t sold out to private equity—so your admin fees stay the same.
  • You don’t need to review and sign a new agreement!

The boring part

TruWarranty offers private-labeled warranties and service contracts for F&I agencies and their dealerships all over the country, with all the usual (and some unusual) features and benefits.

The exciting part

We make your dealership look and feel like a TPA, without spending tens of thousands of dollars or waiting months to get signed up. (Yes, that’s really the reality of becoming a TPA, no matter what the insurance underwriters tell you.)

The best part

You get a turn-key suite of digital F&I products that include TruIdentity theft monitoring, the Mosaic Compliance System and the YDE claims ecosystem—all compatible with every DMS and menu.