How to Close More Tire & Wheel Sales

How to Close More Tire & Wheel Sales

How many of us have been driving down the highway at 70+ mph and we see something in the road we can’t avoid like a piece of metal or something that has fallen off a truck? Before you know it, BOOM…tire blown. 

Maybe your teen driver isn’t paying attention to how far away they are from the curb and they hit it causing a bent alloy wheel and scrapes all down the outer rim. 

It’s all expensive to repair and it is for your buyers, too. When they come into the F&I office, tire & wheel is often one of the three primary high-margin products offered on the menu. Nearly every car has alloys these days and tires are only getting more expensive. It’s valuable coverage.

But some buyers are skeptical. What are some of the best questions you can ask to help illustrate the need for tire & wheel protection? Is there a visual way to drive the point home (no pun intended)?

Let’s see…

To establish the customer’s need for tire & wheel, first note the brand, model and size of the tires and the type of wheels on the vehicle being purchased. If your dealership sells a lot of vehicles with factory alloy wheels and low-profile tires, many customers will see that they need this product.

Find a need that tire & wheel road hazard protection will fill, or a problem it will solve, to form a basis for your discussion with the customer. Use open-ended questions and listen to the customer.

Who will be the primary driver? How many miles is your commute to work? What is the strangest thing you have seen lying in the roadway? What percentage of driving is done on the highway?

Some F&I managers have a bent rim inside their office to give a powerful visual to their buyers along with the cost to replace. What we see we tend to pay more attention to. It may sound crazy but it works.

See where this is going for your F&I manager and the buyer? This is allowing the buyer to visualize the road hazards that a tire & wheel protection package can help them avoid. It helps them almost talk themselves into the product without being pressured into it.

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