3 Ways Data Analytics Can Make Your F&I Staff Even Better

3 Ways Data Analytics Can Make Your F&I Staff Even Better

As the markets start waking up from their COVID-19 slowdown, F&I departments are also trying to get back in the groove they were in before all of this started in March. It’s a challenge, especially for the stores that may have had to lay off staff to save money. 

Part of the ramp-up challenge is getting F&I processes back on track. Making sure your department is ready for how F&I has changed in a digital selling environment and offering the right products in a world changed by COVID-19.

TruReports, powered by TruWarranty, can meet that challenge and give your store the valuable analytics it needs to make sure your F&I staff is not only performing at their highest level, but also letting you know what’s working and what’s not.

Here’s how we can help…

  • Making the F&I Staff Better – Know which F&I manager needs to raise their PVR. Which F&I manager is knocking it out of the park on every deal. Who is getting hit with chargebacks? Owners and GM’s need to know this unbiased information to make the best staffing decisions. Let us shed light on all of it.
  • What Products Stay, What Products Go – Without solid data insights, you would be going through a mountain of deal jackets or running a long and complicated report every month to figure out what product offerings are working and which are duds. We can tell you within a week what to jettison off your menu.
  • Easy Implementation – Data analytics won’t help at all if you can’t easily plug into your DMS and extract the information you need. TruReports can be easily set-up through your existing DMS to access everything needed to create a detailed snapshot of where improvements need to be made. You can even access through a tablet or smartphone. How’s that for easy?

In-depth F&I analytics is not meant to be punitive for your staff. It should be viewed as a tool to help them be better at their jobs. After all, the F&I staff have a tremendous amount of responsibility on their shoulders to carry the bulk of the profits in the showroom…so look at TruReports as a way to make them stronger in the box. 

We would love to show you how easy it is to turn on TruReports for your F&I department. Click here to schedule a demo and prepare to be amazed.