3 F&I Ancillary Products Every Lease Customer Should Know About

3 F&I Ancillary Products Every Lease Customer Should Know About

Selling any F&I products to a lease customer is almost impossible. No one wants that smaller payment to go up, right? Yet as leasing is becoming more popular due to the rising average car payment, F&I staff are having to try every angle they can to sell product. It’s not easy.

Think about it…a low lease payment is always easier to take on than a bank payment and you can turn it in and get something new every few years. But add VSC or tire & wheel? Nah… pass. People love their $249 payment too much.

Are there products that may lend themselves to the lease customer and if so, what is the best way to position them for an easier close?

Here are three ancillary products that should be offered to every lease customer without fail. You may be surprised at the result of such a bold move…

  • Windshield Protection: Most of us have comprehensive riders on our car insurance to help with a cracked windshield. That’s great but what if your insurance company charges a deductible? What if after the second windshield repair, your policy cost increases? Windshield protection makes all that a no-brainer. Get it replaced or fixed without any out-of-pocket expense. Lease customers do not want recon fees charged when they bring the car back because of a busted or chipped windshield.
  • Tire & Wheel Protection: Does your customer know how much a replacement black alloy wheel costs? Probably not. Drop that $800 or so on them and they should happily add this protection for their new lease. Again, let them know they will be responsible for scratched or damaged wheels at turn-in. With this affordable protection, there are no expensive surprises.
  • Interior/Exterior Protection: During the initial walk-around, the interior and exterior of the leased vehicle will be the first thing that is scrutinized. Scratches, paint fading due to sap or bird poop, stains on the driver’s seat…it will ALL result in recon fees before you walk away from the car.

While it can be challenging to convince someone to add to their already low payment, it’s important that they understand that these products are here to make sure they are not blindsided by recon fees. Click here to see how TruWarranty can help your F&I department set up a sweet lease ancillary package while keeping the backend cost low.