3 Benefits to a VSC Recapture Program

3 Benefits to a VSC Recapture Program

Some say the real money is made in the follow-up after the sale. Maybe not always but there is something to be said for having a strong follow-up strategy if your customers don’t buy the first time around. When it comes to selling VSC, though, the follow-up can be a bit elusive.

What are some of the benefits of working with a follow-up program for the customers that ‘got away’? Is there value in the effort?

In a word…yes.

Here are a few benefits of having a program in place to capture VSC’s after the sale and how it can even help with the overall customer experience:

  • Improved CSI: F&I managers know that buyers would rather be anywhere else than hear a VSC pitch. But what if your dealership had a less aggressive and (the way buyers see it) less intrusive way to sell a VSC?

Offering an email or even direct mail piece can remind them in a way that they won’t view as pushy or unprofessional. It’s not a robocall or high-pressure call full of scare tactic language. CSI can go up with a less aggressive but thoughtful approach after the fact. They will appreciate it.

  • Sticky Relationship: Another benefit of following up post-sale for VSC is that it helps foster a closer relationship with the buyer. It’s not a one-and-done exchange…your store will reach out to help them be sure they have the peace of mind of a VSC. It gives them the impression that you value them after the sale. Service and parts can benefit, too, from this extra effort.
  • Added Revenue: Just because the sale wasn’t made at the time of delivery doesn’t mean it’s a lost cause. Some buyers are overwhelmed and want more time while others just don’t want to be ‘sold’ in F&I. Reaching out post sale in a casual way gives them time to reconsider, do their own homework, and make a decision they may be more comfortable with…while still adding to your F&I bottom line. Easy money for sure.