2 Ways Service Advisors Can Help You Sell PPM

2 Ways Service Advisors Can Help You Sell PPM

Selling pre-paid maintenance should be easy, right? Well, it’s not. Often buyers feel they don’t need it or that the trip to the local lube shop around the corner is all they need for the first few years of ownership. Your job is to convince them otherwise and you could be ignoring one secret weapon to selling more.

The service advisors.

PPM is not necessarily a high margin product but if you sell enough it can make a substantial difference in the monthly profit. That’s why your service advisors can be more helpful than you realize.

Service advisors can be brought into the process two ways…

  • Service Lane Walkthrough – Assuming you have time before bringing the buyers into the F&I office, take them on a quick service lane walkthrough. Introduce them to the advisors that happen to be there and have a talk track that helps them understand how important it is to have factory trained techs maintain the car, especially in the first few years. How they can spot trouble or anything else that the warranty can handle quickly.
  • Provide RO’s for Back-Up – The service team can help you ‘paint the picture’ of the benefits of dealership service vs. the local garage by supplying RO’s or stories you can pass along that help the buyer understand the importance of having factory trained techs work on the car. They ALWAYS have stories of independent garages messing up vehicles with sloppy service or missing issues that could have been dealt with under warranty. Things a trained tech would catch.

PPM sales can also be bolstered by the very people your customer will have to come see when it’s time for their first oil change. Making a connection with the staff helps make the sale a bit easier as they now have put a face to the sale, so to speak. It becomes more personal and if done right, your customer will not only save money with their PPM but they will look forward to coming to see the service advisor that took the time to say “Hello” when they bought their car.

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